The Command Department is responsible for the day to day operations of the chapter in general, finances, and property of the chapter.

Command Staff (CS)

The Command Staff is the policy making body of the chapter which consists of the Commanding Officer and Department Chiefs. The CS meets when needed by means of the internet/conference calls to review policies, proposals, promotions, awards and other matters that relate to the operations of the chapter. The following are the current CS positions within the chapter: Commanding Officer, First Officer, Second Officer, Third Officer, Chief Operations Officer, Chief Medical Officer, Chief Communications Officer, Chief Security Officer, Chief Science Officer, Chief Engineering Officer, Chief Support Services Officer, and Chief Diplomatic Corps Officer.

Commanding Officer

The CO is responsible for the safety of those under his/her command. Although the details of this command is delegated to the Department Heads, responsibility for these remains with the CO. The CO’s power is authoritative and complete and may not be delegated.

First Officer

The First Officer is the aid of the CO, and as such is the second in command. He/she is the CO’s direct representative. The duties include maintaining the general efficiency of the ship and crew.

Second Officer

The C2O is the aid of the XO, and as such is the third in command. He/she is the XO’s replacement when the XO is in command or absent from his/her duties.

Third Officer

The C3O is the assistant to the C2O and is the replacement for the C2O when absent, or when the XO is in command.

Department Chief (DC)

A Department Chief is an officer who is appointed by the Commanding Officer and who is responsible for the accomplishments and failures within that particular department. Each DC will appoint an Assistant Department Chief to assist them in their tasks and to represent them in the event that the DC can not perform their duties.

Command Support Staff (CSS)

The Command Support Staff is made up of individuals who do not have to be branched “Command” but are representatives from their respective departments assigned to assist the CS. All Staff will support and correspond with their respective counterparts in STARFLEET.

Command Yeoman

The Command Yeoman billet is for Petty Officers who wish to continue as administrators. Use of this position is completely at the discretion of the Commanding Officer. File work and sensitive message transport are but two examples of the Yeoman’s possible duties. The Yeoman assists the CO in day-to-day duties that the CO would otherwise not have the time to do.

Inspector General

The Inspector General, or IG, is an officer who assists and advises the CS on matters such as complaints or problems within the chapter. The IG, when given the authority by the Commanding Officer to investigate a matter or incident, reports back to the CS with recommendations.

Judge Advocate General

The Judge Advocate General, or JAG, is an officer who assists and advises the CS on matters such as legal proceedings as it relates to the chapter.

Certification and Compliance Officer

The Certification and Compliance Officer is responsible for tracking all crew certifications and ensuring compliance with all applicable certification requirements. This includes items such as SFDPP certification compliance, VRP status, etc.

Command Master Chief Petty Officer

The Command Master Chief Petty Officer (CMDCM) is the senior enlisted advisor aboard and as such works as a liaison between the commanding officer and the enlisted ranks, serving as the senior enlisted leader.

Command Officer

Command Officers perform various duties in support of the Command Staff.

Command Specialist

Command Specialists are enlisted personnel that perform various duties in support of the Command Staff.